Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am working on being a more positive and grateful person. According to The Secret, gratitude can bring great happiness. I tried Prozac and that didn't really we'll see about the Law of Attraction :)

Here goes... A preliminary list of things I am grateful for:
  1. ...for feeling love for another and knowing in my deepest parts that I am loved back.
  2. ...for my cats. Even the one who is acting crazy right now.
  3. ...for the opportunity to be receiving a wonderful education in a city that I love.
  4. ...for a car that starts when it is -30 degrees and gets me around.
  5. ...for family that loves me and wishes me happiness.
  6. ...for my new shoes and ipod and all of the creature comforts that I am able to provide for myself by selling tacos and Lonestar beers.
  7. ...for friends that think of me and check in every so often
  8. ...for the willingness to think about gratitude and consider living life in a different way.

There's more, but I am going to work on that graduate education of mine for a bit now so that I may continue to enjoy it until May (18th)!

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