Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Watch out PA, here we come!

Jenny and I are leaving tomorrow a.m. for an epic road trip (ok, only a week) to Pennsylvania: home of Hershey's chocolate and Quakers, among other things--like her family. We are taking Tillie Monster and some clothes/provisions across Indiana and Ohio in The Phoenix (her 91 Cavalier).

Did you know that the state drink of Pennsylvania is MILK? I'm not sure, but I think that the state drink of Wisconsin must be beer.

Anyway, Jenny has been called to PA by another of the awesome "high-school-friend-getting-hitched-weddings." She also would like her family to meet her recently-adopted dog, Tillie.

I am in no way prepared to be gone from home for a week. I am embracing this unpreparedness and, as Mister says, just letting it go. Perhaps this will be an opportunity to clear my head? Either that or I will get wasted at the wedding and take up smoking again...and Jenny will leave me in PA out of sheer embarrassment and horror. OK, so that's not really likely to happen.

In any case, I keep thinking that time away is going to help me figure out this whole divorce thing, but I think that part of me still hopes that he might change his mind. It's hard when my brain is thinking of my future single life as my stupid heart is still trying to pretend that this is not happening. I told Mister this and he said something like, "You just have to take deep breaths and concentrate on the present moment." I guess this is why we don't work, 'cause I don't know what the hell that means!

[deep breathing, I think.] Let's just get on the road already!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

That Damn Paper

Today I got an email from my professor for the course in which I STILL have not finished the 15-20 page final paper. I thought that I was waiting to hear from her about a new due date; however, she was waiting for me to let her know if I was going to try to get it to her in time or take an incomplete. Aye, miscommunication. So, I'm finishing the paper. I know what you are thinking, so you need not say it. I WILL finish this paper before leaving for Indiana, PA.

On another note: It appears that I will be working at the preschool this summer. My boss is highly unorganized with getting me a schedule so I think I'll just come in everyday and work and make her pay me for it :)

I'll leave you with a random picture for the day:

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I grabbed my backpack, my camera, my binoculars and bird/wildflower guides and headed out for the weekend. Apparently, things were not so great here at the homestead with Mister and his mom. I wish I had been a fly on the wall... Either way, I came home to him packing up boxes of his stuff. So, he really is still leaving. Good thing that I know how to have fun without him! Here are some picture highlights from my weekend. The whole album can be found here.

oh, and no loan for a car for me :( I'll have to figure out what Plan B and C will be... bummer.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Camping for the Soul?

So, even though there is NO WAY that my paper will be done by this afternoon, I am celebrating regardless. I will be going with awesome friends to Wyalusing State Park for a weekend of camping, food cooked over fire, spirits, and laughing....

I hope to use this time to relax and get some fresh air. The fact that I will be camping with couples will be my challenge--though I whole-heartedly accept the challenge. Thank goodness they are not kissy-faced and gross :)

Mister will be spending the weekend with his parents and granddad. I think that his mom was hoping to stage an intervention; however, I have managed to dissuade her from attempting to change his mind. I do not want to be with someone who does not want to be with me. I asked her to please be supportive of his needs and to try to help him figure out what he's searching for in life. Her compassion for me in the face of her son's struggles humbles me. Anyway, I will miss all of this [thank goodness] while I am camping and hiking.

Thanks friends for getting me out of Madison for the weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mister helps me find a car

So, instead of writing the 15-20 page paper for my class on assessing and treating children, I have been doing other things... like looking for a cheap car on the Internet. Here is a chat that I had with Mister yesterday when I should have been writing my case formulation:

[earlier banter about nothing]

10:28 AM me: ok, get back to "work"
Mister: right, where did I put my beer and fried chicken.....
10:29 AM me: check under your desk
by the porn
Mister: ahh, yes
10:30 AM crack pipe and game console on top of the desk, beer, fried chicken, and porn under the desk
me: i'm glad you are so organized at "work"
10:31 AM where's the hooker?
Mister: your mom wasn't available today
10:32 AM me: i KNEW that was coming. i totally set myself up
Mister: yep, thanks for that
go back to working on your "paper"
me: right.
get me a car bitch
me: i'm seriously laughing out loud
10:35 AM i look like a crazy lady
i like the first one
10:36 AM Mister: then again, if money were no object
me: you are enjoying this WAY too much
10:37 AM you are hilarious. seriously
i'm crying

5 minutes
10:42 AM me: i think we should try to get a loan for the camo one
i would look so tough
Mister: for sure
10:44 AM you'd also look super tough in something like this
what do you think?
10:45 AM me: i think that has your name written all over it
seriously, people keep looking at me. stop making me laugh!
10:47 AM Mister: alright, alright
have you ever seen the 'best of' craigslist though?
10:48 AM me: i get the feeling that this will be very helpful in getting my 15-20 page paper written by 5 today
Mister: totally
good luck!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The first post is the hardest

I just turned 29 fifteen days ago. Since then, my good friend has finally found a suitable man after a 6 year dry spell, my other friends have decided to adopt a puppy, and my husband of 2.5 years has decided that he no longer wants to be in a relationship. Things are a-changin'.

I've been thinking about the things that I can buy/do now that I don't have to run them by the Mister:
1. a rug for the living room (I don't know why he is so opposed to rugs)
2. girly-colored bath towels
3. adopt a dog
4. have a child someday (yeah, this one is kinda big huh?)
5. hang pictures and otherwise decorate
6. watch romantic comedies
7. buy furniture that doesn't look like it needs to be fumigated

Things that I will miss:
1. his cooking--especially the grilling of meat
2. his loud, raucous laughter while watching Comedy Central
3. having someone to talk to who knows me and doesn't judge
4. not having to do the dishes often
5. foot rubs
6. daily hugs
7. computer help :)

In memory of the relationship that I thought I had: