Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mister helps me find a car

So, instead of writing the 15-20 page paper for my class on assessing and treating children, I have been doing other things... like looking for a cheap car on the Internet. Here is a chat that I had with Mister yesterday when I should have been writing my case formulation:

[earlier banter about nothing]

10:28 AM me: ok, get back to "work"
Mister: right, where did I put my beer and fried chicken.....
10:29 AM me: check under your desk
by the porn
Mister: ahh, yes
10:30 AM crack pipe and game console on top of the desk, beer, fried chicken, and porn under the desk
me: i'm glad you are so organized at "work"
10:31 AM where's the hooker?
Mister: your mom wasn't available today
10:32 AM me: i KNEW that was coming. i totally set myself up
Mister: yep, thanks for that
go back to working on your "paper"
me: right.
get me a car bitch
me: i'm seriously laughing out loud
10:35 AM i look like a crazy lady
i like the first one
10:36 AM Mister: then again, if money were no object
me: you are enjoying this WAY too much
10:37 AM you are hilarious. seriously
i'm crying

5 minutes
10:42 AM me: i think we should try to get a loan for the camo one
i would look so tough
Mister: for sure
10:44 AM you'd also look super tough in something like this
what do you think?
10:45 AM me: i think that has your name written all over it
seriously, people keep looking at me. stop making me laugh!
10:47 AM Mister: alright, alright
have you ever seen the 'best of' craigslist though?
10:48 AM me: i get the feeling that this will be very helpful in getting my 15-20 page paper written by 5 today
Mister: totally
good luck!

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