Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Watch out PA, here we come!

Jenny and I are leaving tomorrow a.m. for an epic road trip (ok, only a week) to Pennsylvania: home of Hershey's chocolate and Quakers, among other things--like her family. We are taking Tillie Monster and some clothes/provisions across Indiana and Ohio in The Phoenix (her 91 Cavalier).

Did you know that the state drink of Pennsylvania is MILK? I'm not sure, but I think that the state drink of Wisconsin must be beer.

Anyway, Jenny has been called to PA by another of the awesome "high-school-friend-getting-hitched-weddings." She also would like her family to meet her recently-adopted dog, Tillie.

I am in no way prepared to be gone from home for a week. I am embracing this unpreparedness and, as Mister says, just letting it go. Perhaps this will be an opportunity to clear my head? Either that or I will get wasted at the wedding and take up smoking again...and Jenny will leave me in PA out of sheer embarrassment and horror. OK, so that's not really likely to happen.

In any case, I keep thinking that time away is going to help me figure out this whole divorce thing, but I think that part of me still hopes that he might change his mind. It's hard when my brain is thinking of my future single life as my stupid heart is still trying to pretend that this is not happening. I told Mister this and he said something like, "You just have to take deep breaths and concentrate on the present moment." I guess this is why we don't work, 'cause I don't know what the hell that means!

[deep breathing, I think.] Let's just get on the road already!!!!

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Patsy said...

I will miss you guys very very much....and so will Maddy!