Thursday, June 14, 2007

Puppy Sitting

So, I'm puppy sitting Maddy today (a.k.a. Miss Madison, Pupzilla, Wonder Mutt) 'cause she got her first City of Madison barking violation. Oops. We went to Wingra Park and she worked up the courage to wade around in the green, slimy water (sorry Brian and Patsy). She also found the skeleton of a bird that I had to fish out of her little puppy jaws (thank goodness for travel-sized Purell). We played fetch and chewed sticks and generally enjoyed the beautiful afternoon.

Then, she started to smell of the stench that is Lake Wingra, so we went to Mad Cat and picked out some doggie shampoo and a little puppy chew stick. She came to my house to meet Hunter and Cheeto and to try cat food for the first time :)

I gave her a bath while the cats watched from a safe distance and then she whiled away the afternoon on a towel chewing her new toy. Not too bad.

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