Friday, May 18, 2007

Camping for the Soul?

So, even though there is NO WAY that my paper will be done by this afternoon, I am celebrating regardless. I will be going with awesome friends to Wyalusing State Park for a weekend of camping, food cooked over fire, spirits, and laughing....

I hope to use this time to relax and get some fresh air. The fact that I will be camping with couples will be my challenge--though I whole-heartedly accept the challenge. Thank goodness they are not kissy-faced and gross :)

Mister will be spending the weekend with his parents and granddad. I think that his mom was hoping to stage an intervention; however, I have managed to dissuade her from attempting to change his mind. I do not want to be with someone who does not want to be with me. I asked her to please be supportive of his needs and to try to help him figure out what he's searching for in life. Her compassion for me in the face of her son's struggles humbles me. Anyway, I will miss all of this [thank goodness] while I am camping and hiking.

Thanks friends for getting me out of Madison for the weekend!

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Care Bear said...

I love your new website, I love your attitude, I love you. You are such an inspiration to me...I have always had a tendency to dwell on things that I can not change. I make myself and other people around me miserable. I want to change that about myself and you are my inspiration. No matter what happens you have always been the ray of sunshine through the clouds... I want to see you soon!! I would like to come up for farmers market or you could stay with me and teach me how to use the sewing machine you gave me...I hope we can have a wonderful summer together. let's plan a camping trip, just the two of us...I think that would be so much fun...ok. I'm rambling now...I miss you...