Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Move: Highlights (or lowlights)

Warning: This is a bitch-fest kinda post...but it gets better at the end.

  1. Twisted my ankle Monday loading the truck. This resulted in swelling and bruising for the rest of the week.
  2. $465 deposit for the truck.
  3. $100 worth of vaccinations for the cats.
  4. Cat shitting in carrier in car on way home from vet.
  5. $100 worth of boarding fees to give cats peace during move.
  6. Broken glass from packing the truck improperly.
  7. Arrive at new place to find it a DISASTER!:
    1. Filthy dirty. Seriously, there are no words...
    2. Broken cabinet
    3. Food still in cabinets
    4. Beer bottle collection still on display in living room
    5. Mouse feces in kitchen cabinets
    6. Bats
    7. Missing screens/broken windows
    8. et cetera

But, here are some good things:
  1. The cleaning guy did a good job on the bathrooms
  2. My room is now a sunny shade of yellow
  3. My roommates are fabulous
  4. We have all new carpet (with one exception)
  5. My ankle is no longer swollen
  6. The cats appear to like our room
  7. Jen's dad is going to refinish our living room floor!

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Jennafo said...

Sunny shade of yellow? Why not a "Soulful Shade of Blue"?!