Thursday, July 12, 2007

Reconsidering my hair

After perusing recent photos of myself I realize that I have two options:

1. Always wear ultra-feminine clothes, accessories, and plenty of makeup
2. Let my hair grow out so I don't look like a boy

Seriously, there are WAY too many pictures out there of me looking seriously butch. Perhaps it is time to bring the curls back? I think maybe it is--as I doubt my ability to follow through with option #1 above.

You are officially warned. I will look like complete crap for about a year. My head will become an unruly mess of curl full of bobby pins in a desperate attempt to look civilized or 'normal'. I may require headbands and other contraptions. At some point, I am likely to need physical restraint from maneuvering my tresses into baby pigtails.

Your understanding and support will be appreciated ;)

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